Why 50Mp files can only be a good thing

Canon 5DsWe finally have Canon’s high megapixel DSLR answer to Nikon’s D800/810. It is in the form of the 5Ds and it offers no less than 50 megapixel images. It is a major leap of resolution from Nikon’s very impressive D800/810 and roughly two and a half times the resolution of the 5D MkIII which was up to now Canon’s highest resolution body. This move also firmly puts Canon in medium format territory. An impressive technical achievement that Sony sensors will surely try to equal or better in the near future.

I have come across a lot of online opinions, groaning and moaning about how one does not need so much detail, how large the files will be, and so on. I have some limited understanding about these views, overall however I am all for increased resolution. Continue reading

Peak selfie symptoms and backstepping to film photography

Selfie_brushPhotography equipment and software is improving in giant leaps. It takes effort to just keep up the pace with all of the news… But as photography is in the heart and literally the hands of the masses via smartphone technology, we cannot avoid some silly propositions to ruin the party. I will just show here the two products that made me write this post. I know that writing about them is some form of advertisement, but they are evidence of the sorrowful side of photography that you could be in if you are not careful about what you buy. Continue reading

Why Lightroom is now the center of the photographic universe


Us photographers always love epic battles between two sides and tend to support one of the two with fierce devotion. Think about film versus digital, color versus b&w, DSLRs versus mirrorless and probably the most well known of all, Canon versus Nikon, the epic battle that still rages on! Thinking about it the other day, unlike hardware, we never had anything similar on the software front. Continue reading

4 simple tips to avoid deleting your images by accident

The little girl in the video below is heart-breaking. But it can be much much worse if we are talking about lost precious memories made in a faraway destination or during an event that cannot be replicated or repeated. The worst is of course images of kids that grow up and will never be the same age again…

So here is a few tips that can help avoid accidental image deleting disasters: Continue reading

Is an expensive 46 megapixel Canon what we really need?

Canon_DSLRCanon has been at the DSLR cutting edge since the inception of digital SLR cameras. No question about it. It therefore has a moral obligation to do its best to stay at the number one spot, at least in sales volume and prestige with professionals. However, I have a bad feeling that it is trying to do so by alienating a market segment that has always been at the core of its strategy. And this is enthusiast photographers that are willing to pay a bit extra for their hobby, invest in a nice lens collection and so on. Continue reading

Showcase: Vikos panorama

Vikos_panorama-webFrom left to right the panorama covers the two Papigo villages, Astraka (the large rocky mountain in center-left and the Vikos gorge almost exactly in the center.

Shot on the 8th of August 2014 with the Canon 6D, stitched from 8 RAW images, processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Originally added in 500px.