Adobe takes care of Lightroom user fears in case of CC subscription cancellations

Adobe’s CC photography offer has been a huge success, especially if you consider that it was a sudden and radical change from the disc distribution model to a non-physical subscription model. When it became clear that the bought software resides on users’ hard discs but has an expiry date whenever users decide to cancel or cease monthly¬† payments, the next and indeed most serious worry was what happens to image files and their access. Continue reading

Your lens is your DSLR system, your DSLR system is your lens

_MG_1373-webWe are all intrigued by what new bodies can do and are always drawn in arguments for or against choosing full frame, APS-C or mirrorless bodies. That’s of course fine because a body is where we choose all our settings from, where we review our shots and this is the piece of equipment mostly in contact with our hands.

The argument of this post is that the lens side of things is probably a better way to look at and choose a DSLR system. Continue reading

HDR vs pseudo-HDR (part 3)

 Anilio_tonemapped-webIn my first post on HDR, I mentioned why we need it and also mentioned that we can enhance the dynamic range of our shots to achieve a fake HDR effect (pseudo-HDR as I call it). In part 2 I used a couple of examples for a comparison between HDR and pseudo-HDR. In this third and last part I would like to summarize when it is best to use the pseudo-HDR technique and when it is better to go for bracketing with specialized HDR software. Continue reading