Peak selfie symptoms and backstepping to film photography

Selfie_brushPhotography equipment and software is improving in giant leaps. It takes effort to just keep up the pace with all of the news… But as photography is in the heart and literally the hands of the masses via smartphone technology, we cannot avoid some silly propositions to ruin the party. I will just show here the two products that made me write this post. I know that writing about them is some form of advertisement, but they are evidence of the sorrowful side of photography that you could be in if you are not careful about what you buy.

1. The selfie brush and the decline of the selfie trend.

Selfies are these days known even by sheepherders that descent to town a couple of times per year. Have we reached the peak of the selfie trend? If not, things cannot get much sillier. Because the selfie brush is here! Imagine this, you put your precious smartphone in a long plastic stick that has a brush on one side and your screen (for selfies, remember?) next a mirror (!) on the other side. It is all designed to make you more presentable and beautiful. Unfortunately it is not a free joke ($9.99) and it makes your smartphone so large that you will need a large carrying bag to have it with you and take these amazing selfies.

I forgot, apart from iPhones, selfie brushes have Samsung GS4 and GS5 owners covered. What a tragedy it is that I still use a GS3…

2. WhiteAlbum, or how to waste your digital advantage


One thing that always frustrated me with film photography was the development stage. I felt seriously limited because I did not have the means and knowledge to do it myself so I had to rely on photography shops. The results I was getting were many times unacceptable, something I know for sure because I paid the extra cost several times just to compare results from different developers with the same negatives. Any photography software is such a liberating experience. Working on the results myself combined with the speed and control of the complete process is what kept me going, I do not think I would still be interested in photography without digital.

Which brings us to the WhiteAlbum photo app for iOS. So what does it exactly do? It strips you of all the speed, does not allow you to check your results and makes you pay ($20) for 24 printed photos that you receive a few days later. What you gain is all the “excitement” and “ah-oh” of how your photos will look when the postman arrives. Just tell me, does it not sound excilarating? And another important thing, if you do not complete the 24 photo set you will never receive anything! Good, better or simply great?

In a few words, the WhiteAlbum reverses all the smartphone photography goodness that Steve Jobs so graciously offered us. When I first came across WhiteAlbum I thanked God for being an Android user. If it ever makes it to Android it will be a good reason to move on to Windows Phone…

Bonus: If you are a lucky iPhone owner you can now even combine the WhiteAlbum app with the Selfie brush to put the whole photography world on fire…