About Dimitrios

Here is a few things about myself:

  • I am a mechanical engineer and love everything technical, from cars to software.
  • You guessed it, I am hooked to photography. That’s why this site exists.
  • Timelapse is my new passion. Somewhere between photography and videography, my favorite if you asked for a specialization.
  • I am not a Canon guy, or a Nikon guy, or a Sony guy, etc. My cameras so far come from Canon, Panasonic and GoPro, but I would use whatever is effective and within my limited budget.
  • I love editing and so far Lightroom is my favorite. Apart from its effective editing capabilities it is great to be able to organize and find photographs with a single piece of software.
  • You guessed it, I am not an Adobe guy either.
  • I love traveling, skiing, windsurfing, mountain-biking and hiking. I love to combine those with photography and videography.
  • I know you have heard it before, but I believe that the best way to become a better photographer/timelapser/videographer is to simply go out and practice. If anybody has a better way I am all ears.

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