My time waste with Drobo

I thought that Drobo would be a great solution in terms of data storage and reliability, unfortunately reality was very different to my expectations. But let’s take things from the start. Like any other person with drives nearly full of photos, videos and music, I decided it was time to step up my storage and backup game and go for something serious. Drobo has always been in my sights, I admired how their drives worked with any mix of drives and how flexibly they dealt with drive replacements and drive management in general. I am writing this post because my experience with Drobo was anything but trouble free, quite the opposite… Continue reading

Photo backups when on the move

Backups and storage of photos are two of the most serious issues photographers of all types are facing from moment they take their first series of shots. I would like to distinguish situations in two types. First we have to deal with backups as we proceed with our actual photographic session and secondly we have to worry about more permanent storage when back to our base. This post deals with the first face of backups when we actually take our pictures. Continue reading